Leaders v Losers – Walsh v Boxer (via HillBuzz)

First a word from Mrs You can Call Me Senator……:)

Chrissy at Hillbuzz brings to us all the reasons why Barbara “you can call me Senator” Boxer does not deserve to return to the Senate in 2011. The symtoms of arrogance and entitlement are clearly spelled out and point to the problems of our dysfunctional government. We the people…..will see you in November Ms.Ma’m Boxer!

Leaders v Losers - Walsh v Boxer On June 18, 2009, during a televised senate hearing, Senator Barbara Boxer asked Brigadier General Michael J. Walsh a question, then interrupted his answer to chide him for calling her “ma’am” instead of “senator.” She said she had worked hard for the title and wanted him to use it.  He said, "Yes, senator," and continued responding to the question. One would have hoped that somewhere in her 34 years of "public service" (read: hasn't had a real j … Read More

via HillBuzz

You can see Carly Fiorina’s ad “Sir” over at The Blaze.

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