Our “Inventive” First Lady Fashion Icon

Well, we all have our good days….and bad days. In high school it was called Backwards Day…..we wore our clothes backwards for fun and school spirit. But. This. Is. Our. First. Lady….(good eye chris of NB!)

photo Getty Images via Daylife

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk across the tarmac after disembarking from Air Force One upon arrival at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, October 17, 2010. The Obamas are scheduled to speak at a Democratic fundraiser before continuing to Columbus, Ohio, to speak at a DNC rally.

Flashback to Oct 3, 2010, via Mrs-O…….

Image by Saul Loeb / Getty Images

The first family spent the weekend away at Camp David — hopefully a relaxing, fall retreat for the Os! Mrs. O debuted two, new casual ensembles while traveling to and from, including an inventive lace-back top.

More photos of the front of the back being worn in the front via Newsbird

Can you imagine if Sarah or Hillary did this? Or Laura Bush….?


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  3. Chris

    So maybe it was Backwards Day and nobody told us. lol
    How weird is this?

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  5. LoL, excellent entry thanks.

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  7. I think she is just feeling blue…

    Mentally ill, perhaps. I hypothesize about what is going in her head on my blog.