Sarah Palin Announces Book Tour Dates and Locations

I’m looking forward to hitting the road again for the release of my new book “America By Heart.” The book is a collection of essays and reflections about our exceptional country. It discusses the ideals we must pass on to the next generation to ensure that we remain, in the words of Reagan, “the shining city on a hill,” and in the words of Lincoln, “the last best hope of earth.”

Below are dates, times, and locations for the tour. Please feel free to contact each venue for more information. My family will be joining me along the way, and they look forward to meeting you as much as I do. We’ll try to add some more stops if time allows. And, of course, we’ll wrap up the whole tour in Alaska just as we did last time.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

– Sarah Palin

P.S. Included below is a flyer for the tour. Feel free to pass it around!

More information about store locations at her Facebook page


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8 responses to “Sarah Palin Announces Book Tour Dates and Locations

  1. Roger Amory Webb

    Obama watches North Korea shell South Korea and as civilians die, our President asks for a ceestation of the “beliigerent action”. Now, I have never heard of murder called that before, nor an act of war. Maybe Obama believes that the soft approach will get the North to stop the shelling and cease their nuclear agenda. Me, I think Palin’s ” we win, you lose” sends a better, more effective message.

    And comong soon, Obama’s buddy Hugo Chavez creates a nuclear Venezuela.

  2. John Schaffran

    It is very simple. When a man of middle eastern heritage buys a one way ticket with no luggage needs to be searched. Or anybody that appears suspicious, and is of middle eastern dissent, needs to be questioned and/or detained. About Palin real quick. I get increasingly annoyed with people that see Palin as an idiot, not fit to govern,etc. My first question is compared to who? Biden? Obama? Pelosi? Reid? Do we nominate Romney who put in place a health care system in Massachusetts where public hospitals are suing medicare? I frankly see this as pure sexism. She is a woman and colleagues of mine want to pigeon hole her. Having to defend her to the tilt I don’t see her getting the nomination because of two things. Perception is reality. People aren’t interested in the issues on where the candidate stand or their values. I give you Barack Obama. I also think these reality shows and book tours are going to devalue her as a true candidate and more of someone trying to increase her pocketbook. I frankly don’t care about book tours displaying the truth. However, most Americans don’t see things that way! I hope Jindal changes his mind and runs. He is charismatic and displays leadership. We shall see!

    • B Lawson

      Palin is a clever manipulator who has persuaded the Tea Party to believe that she is one of them! She is now a Millionaire for her efforts …….and she apparently believes that media bias is Katie Couric asking her what books she reads! If she cant answer simple questions and also has a huge share of vindictiveness in her personality then she should never be trusted to govern a large country!

      It is the fact that the Tea Party believes her and that they are a ground swell party that is the problem.. Tea Party events are paid for by Freedomworks….funded by large business donations (and not by Tea Party members). I wonder how Palin managed to fund the TV series about Alaska……..during a time of great recession in the US?

      Given that she dropped her job as governor of Alaska to feather her nest at Fox ….can anyone really expect dependable decisions from such a person.

      • “clever manipulator” that she keeps Obama’s panties in a twist ? Ok, I agree. Couric’s interview won an award! Unfortunately not for editing the gotcha’s. I’m a recovering liberal that tea parties and found the experience very liberating . SP’s TLC series is paid for by the channel, producers and sponsors. I believe they are PAYING her a generous sum. Even when the second ep dropped it’s ratings (normal after a premiere), she still has more viewers than a full day on MSNBC.

        Actually the gov resiging has been spun so many different ways from quitter to forced out by liberthugs. Meh. Have you read her book Going Rogue? It’s an eye opener, especially that her life accomplishments and experiences are quite stunning…..compared to the last 5 Presidents !

        I’m impressed 🙂

      • MEK

        The Tea Party meetings here in Massachusetts, home to the ORIGINAL Tea Party, are completely groundswell/grassroots based and NOT funded by Freedomworks. In fact, if you asked the attendees of the Tea Party’s(including myself) here in Massachusetts, we have no idea who Freedomworks is. We are average Americans who gather together to discuss ways to bring fiscal responsibility back to local/state/Federal government. You believe Freedomworks just elected 63 new Republicans to the House of Representatives?? It is called WE THE PEOPLE….nothing more, nothing less. Do you think politicians fear Freedomworks?? Not in the least. Do you think politicians fear “WE THE PEOPLE”?? You betcha………..

  3. Why do they think it’s a big conspiracy for bristol palin? Really, don’t we have better things to worry about besides where she stands in DWTS?