Charles Krauthammer: “Leave Bar-r-rack Alone!”

I love this man, but…..wait, what?

Stop complaining about the cost of Obama’s trip to India; it’s worth every penny

via wonkette

….and stop grousing about the cost of his Asia trip.

As a now recovering-dribbling-foaming-at-the-mouth-clueless-of-truth-and-facts liberal, I always liked Charles’ opinions, he never talked down to me and I always learned a conservative point or two that “my team” was missing. Though my grousing habits are hard to shake from my blonde bimbo daze, I’ll try and do better….like ABC and CBS.

Or El WaPo.

However, there is still Michelle, so I grouse from the center-right these days 🙂


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4 responses to “Charles Krauthammer: “Leave Bar-r-rack Alone!”

  1. Lynn II

    Have to agree with Charles on this one. India is our natural ally (think China, Iran, NKorea) and they are fighting the same terror war as we are besides being a democracy. Backing them for a seat in the UN Security Council is one smart move to draw them closer. The rest of the trip….meh.

    • I know Charles wants to keep our President safe, now for the rest of it….hmmmm? I don’t wish harm on Obama, I just want him to go away. With Michelle. And the girls.

  2. M Simon

    How much does he want to stay out of the country indefinitely?

    • He can go back to Chicago, I just want him to stop spending MY money on poor policies. And I want Michelle to keep her hands off my french fries 🙂