Obama named “god of all things” by Newsweek (via HillBuzz.org)

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Obama named "god of all things" by Newsweek http://www.coverjunkie.com/new-covers/2785 Newsweek has named Obama "god of all things" and depicts him as Shiva the Destroyer on its latest cover. It has been years since I have been to the Cleveland Museum of Art, but I remember a field trip there in high school where a docent told us Shiva was a female goddess whose mission was to destroy the world by creating multiple disasters all at once, using all of her arms. Calling any president a god i … Read More

via HillBuzz.org


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4 responses to “Obama named “god of all things” by Newsweek (via HillBuzz.org)

  1. Shiva

    Shiva is a Hindu male deity that signifies the cycle of destruction and recreation in the Hindu paradigm of create preservation and destruction. It is a necessary force that Schumpeter called creative destruction from an innovation strategy angle. As a Hindu No offense taken. Our way of life is understanding and forgiving