Com’on PC Police: Racist Cupcakes ?

Not sure how long this video will work as Duncan Hines pulled the commercial per The Blaze….

Next thing ya know, they’ll be shutting down Wikileaks too ! Oh, the humanity….! Details at 11…and Weasel Zippers 😉


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7 responses to “Com’on PC Police: Racist Cupcakes ?

  1. Racist in the sense that other colors of the glaze rainbow have been left out and probably would have been happy to be included.

  2. Anonymous

    So it’s racist against vanilla because it portrays the flavor as ungifted musically?

    • Doesn’t the NAACP have more pressing issues in the inner cities? Heck, they’ve called Bill Cosby racist, I think for the comment “the white man didn’t put you in jail, robbing the convenience store did” ?

      Singing cupcakes and giggling greeting cards should be the least of their worries 😉

  3. That’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!