Y’all have a Barry MOmas !

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Former President Bill Clinton gave a statement after his meeting with President Obama about his tax compromise with the Republicans.

However, after his statement, Clinton began to call on and take questions from the press with Obama at his side. Obama leaves promptly after a few moments and said he had to see Michelle, as he was keeping her “waiting.”

“I don’t want to make her mad, please go,” Clinton told Obama.

Gotcha Bubba, I remember when she wanted to rip your eyes out !


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3 responses to “Y’all have a Barry MOmas !

  1. OMG…there’s more MOmas….


    Y’all have a barry barry one 😉 Y’hear….oh wait….

    Isn’t this like my husband being stationed in VN over Christmas and my dishwasher ba-rowk? Dammit, now I know I should have called him to come home. :facepalm:

  2. Anonymous

    Hey! I made up that phrase! My “Barry MOmas to you!” has gone big time!