Mr. Tingles Defines H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y (via Honey Trail)

Gotta work on the media….and hypocrisy. I’ll play the game if I know the rules. Honey Trail gets it 🙂

Mr. Tingles Defines H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y This is a screen grab from the opening 2 minutes of Chris Matthews Hardball Thursday night. Next to him is a picture of the U.S. Capitol building with a bullseye target on it along with gun crosshairs. After spending two weeks bashing Sarah Palin for her Crosshairs Targeted Map visual from her PAC.  Tingles shows the absolute hypocrisy of his "Prog" position.   Tingles is the ultimate example of a Progressive Liberal Spinmaster.  The ideological … Read More

via Honey Trail


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2 responses to “Mr. Tingles Defines H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y (via Honey Trail)

  1. Marge


    David Letterman’s hate is as old as some ancient Hebrew prophets.
    Speaking of anti-Semitism, it’s Jerry Falwell and other fundy leaders who’ve gleefully predicted that in the future EVERY nation will be against Israel (an international first?) and that TWO-THIRDS of all Jews will be killed, right?
    Wrong! It’s the ancient Hebrew prophet Zechariah who predicted all this in the 13th and 14th chapters of his book! The last prophet, Malachi, explains why this future Holocaust will outdo even Hitler’s by stating that “Judah hath dealt treacherously” and “the Lord will cut off the man that doeth this” and asks “Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”
    Haven’t evangelicals generally been the best friends of Israel and persons perceived to be Jewish? Then please explain the recent filthy, hate-filled, back-stabbing tirades by David Letterman (and Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers and Sarah Silverman) against leading evangelicals like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, and explain why most Jewish leaders have seemingly condoned Palin’s continuing “crucifixion”!
    While the above anti-evangelical haters are tragically turning comedy into tragedy, they are helping to speed up and fulfill the Final Holocaust a la Zechariah and Malachi, thus helping to make the Bible even more believable!
    For other unusual goodies on Google, type in “Obama Fulfilling the Bible,” “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day,” “Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham,” “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” and “Stamping Out Harold Camping.”

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