Meta Blog Post, still me, new name….

There were liberal blogs, there were conservative blogs, guess I just…

….oh, and welcome to found myself 🙂


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3 responses to “Meta Blog Post, still me, new name….

  1. Me likey my likeys. Thanks guys. Still tweaking ever since I found out my magnolia was really a cherry tree 🙂

  2. cj

    Oh here you are! You are one hell-of-a funny woman Denise 🙂

    I had to stop by & thank you for the link to MOO, because through that I found that gem of a blog, Cripes Suzette’s. With writing like that, I’m ready to forgive her distain of Hillary Clinton…and just about anything else we may disagree on!

    Spent the entire afternoon reading through her archives. And your comments? Hilarious. I had no idea! Now, of course, I have to read through your blog & your writing! What a treat!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Smooch!