Cats Quote Charlie Sheen (via Medium Large)

What’s cuter than Charlie Sheen melting down ? Adorable cats quoting him!

Many more at the linky below!

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen All quotes taken verbatim from Charlie Sheen's recent radio interview on The Alex Jones Show. Updated with more cats and quotes! Follow on Twitter @fmarciuliano … Read More

via Medium Large

(Get well soon Charlie!)


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4 responses to “Cats Quote Charlie Sheen (via Medium Large)

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  2. ralphb

    This can’t be posted often enough! Wonderful.

    • Yes, I saw it posted at crawdad and why I didn’t pimp my post there, was just so glad it’s getting around. Need. Humor. Daily. 🙂

  3. Since I don’t know how to embed AOL videos, this is a must clicky: Jimmy Fallon rawks Charlie Sheen in a commercial spoof: