Jack Cashill: Deconstructing Obama

Buy the BOOK 🙂 Read Jack’s archives on American Thinker !

Watch on BookTV

And always the antidote to the Mrs Obama fashionista slobber, there’s Newsbird and MOTUS

Are we having fun yet :))


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4 responses to “Jack Cashill: Deconstructing Obama

  1. bob

    America’s “first postmodern president”? Mr. Cashill is much too polite. I’d call him our first post-American president. Actually, I’d call him worse things than that, but I’m trying to give up profanity for Lent.

    • The BookTV video is a little over an hour and I couldn’t believe how the time flew. Amazing stuff……and questions the media won’t ask. Cashill and John Ziegler should get together 🙂

  2. PortiaElizabeth

    I’ve just finished this amazing book and can’t recommend it strongly enough. I thought I knew practically everything out there about the Resident Obama, but Dr. Cashill has amassed an incredible amount of info backed up by careful and thorough research. In addition to dissecting Obama’s two books and showing why he did NOT write them, Cashill shows why Bill Ayers did. He also gives his theories about the life of a man we don’t know at all: Barack Obama. Everyone should read this book!

    • I’m doing my part to get the word out ! Cashill was the only one asking the tough questions in ’08. Perhaps the voters won’t repeat that mistake in ’12.