iOTW: Tsunami(oh mommy!) Videographer has Titanium Testicles

Updated: new video link added and non-working link taken down.

Because now I know why they call it “Mother” Nature. This video (a little over 5 minutes) is a little more graphic than the sanitized news editions, as you’ll know some of the humans didn’t make it, on top and in those buildings….but it’s not about them as much as the force of this natural occurrence. A real come to Jesus moment, and bless those lost souls 😦

iOwntheWorld said it and prepared me the best “And, by the way, photographer man, you have titanium testicles, just so ya know.”


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11 responses to “iOTW: Tsunami(oh mommy!) Videographer has Titanium Testicles

  1. Ting

    The only known US fatality of the Japanese Tsunami was a young woman from my town. She was a classmate of my niece’s in both high school and college and had been teaching in Japan for 2 and a half years in a coastal town. When the quake struck, she reunited her elementary school students with their parents at the designated place and then took off on her bike for the 4 mile ride to her apartment. She was 24 years old. Please say a prayer for Taylor Anderson and her family.

  2. creeper

    Hmmm…”This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account”.

  3. Anonna

    Horrible, the power of nature indifferently fulfilling its needs. Water must go somewhere, and people, buildings, cars, lives are carried with it.

    Thank you for posting this video. It brings home the relentless arrival of the tsunami much better than anything that I’ve seen on the news.

  4. ralphb

    Incredible power.