Cozy is the new Claustrophobia – Manhattan Style

$700/month for a 90 sq ft “microstudio” apt in Manhattan ? :shudder: I felt a panic attack coming on just watching this video. I LOVE NYC, but for $700/mo, I better be living over a deli.

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5 responses to “Cozy is the new Claustrophobia – Manhattan Style

  1. Yeah, I’m taking a break from politics. 🙂

  2. bob

    There would be NO way I could sleep in that loft with the ceiling just a few inches above me. If I had to live in a space that small, I’d sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, and use the loft space for storage!

  3. That is ridiculous. I would lose my mind. I gotta have a proper kitchen.

    The bed situation looks pretty familiar, though. That’s just like ship life, only more private!