Pinkies Up, The Royal Wedding

I’ll be there 🙂

Via Her Royal Highness, Princess Kate


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6 responses to “Pinkies Up, The Royal Wedding

  1. Lynn II

    Wills and Harry are sooooo handsome in their uniforms.
    Kate’s dress is so beautiful. She kept it simple, but so very elegant, long lace sleeves, just so very pretty.
    What a sweet couple!!

    • Jolly good show ! I’m so glad I watched it live, though sans laptop so I could soak up every piece of royal bubblegum. What a stunning couple in a real life fairy tale as only the Brits can pull off 😀

  2. Lynn II

    WOW! The crowds were unbelievable! 1.2 million people just in London.

  3. Estimated 2 billion watching worldwide.