If I were to write a Broadway play….Michelle Obama, The Final Act

It would be one act, the Final Act. I would resurrect Jennifer Holliday to play lead, Michelle Obama, The Final Act. Scene. January 2013. White House budget staff and personal assistants delivers the news to Ms Obama…she’s been replaced by First Dude 😉

Curtain down. Buh’bye Michelle 🙂


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4 responses to “If I were to write a Broadway play….Michelle Obama, The Final Act

  1. Annona

    I suspect there will be an off-Broadway musical soon, but it will be laudatory and present Michelle Antoinette crying over the plight of “her people” and prancing around with Nelson Mandela in a tribute to MO as a Civil Rights figure.

    • and Jesse Jackson weeping…. LOL
      Van Jones raging against the loss of the Greens
      Al Sharpton blaming the Jooos and Whitey
      and…last but not least…the CBC in choir mode as back up….
      Going to be one heck of a B’Way Musical LOL

    • Thanks for the inspiration. I found the original Jennifer Holliday scene that was performed at the Tonys, which she won the Tony for her Effie (as the supergreat Jennifer Hudson won supporting oscar for the movie).

      It’s my favorite Broadway piece and first one I thought of when you mentioned Hudson on Newsbird 🙂 Actually, what would be perfect mash-up….I’m not going/Don’t cry for me.