Tea Party Response to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr

In my perfect world, this would be the response to Jimmy Senior’s mini-me


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3 responses to “Tea Party Response to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr

  1. Carole

    Well here is a son of one of the biggest crooks in American history walking in the shadow of daddy. Evidently, Michelle Obama’s crusade of obseity hasn’t helped Jimmy Jr.s “fatty, bulky body.” Jimmy, when is the last time you ever held an honest job outside the protection of a union? Did you serve in the military fatso? Oh right, forgot, that is for men and women who have courage, love their country and are brave souls. Jimmy you are beyond a fat assed jerk. Jimmy Jr, you are one sorry mess!!!

    • Good point…..there shouldn’t be any chubby union leaders. I think Trumpka’s a tub’o’lard too 🙂

      Update: I was right

      • Ting

        Yep, they are both unattractive, to put it mildly, in looks and actions. It is a good thing that they are not attractive and charismatic because it helps us stay angry. We are in no way tempted to make excuses for them!