Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing….A Sad Anniversay Today

Lessons failed.


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3 responses to “Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing….A Sad Anniversay Today

  1. I think we’ve reached the limit of using overwhelming military force when we should be using overwhelming destruction. Japan had suicide bombers at Pearl Harbor. They were willing to kill themselves to murder a large number of Americans. When we had our chance, we unleashed a weapon of unimaginable destruction on the country. We had to drop another before they surrendered.

    Japan was one of the last nations to be taught and to learn a lesson. They abandoned military conquest and became a military superpower. Nearly every state supporter of terrorism is a virtual hell hole where people live in misery. It doesn’t help anyone to let this continue.

    I think Bush should have bombed Afghanistan without warning, taken out the Taliban and cut off any escape route for bin Laden. It would have cost fewer lives than the decade-long war today. As monstrous as people think he was, Bush was far too conciliatory to enemies of the West. People who attack us need to know there is no victory, there is no forgiveness and there is no mercy. The time for nation building is when the old nation is a smoking crater. And it still would have cost fewer Afghan lives.

  2. Even then the long arm of Iran was involved with death by terrorism.