Wake Up AMerica

I’m dedicating this to Riverdaughter and Not Your Sweetie. And my new BFF’s at the fishing hole. And my dysfunctional famlies at DU and Dkos.

h/t MichelleIndependent at Newsbird


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    that is awesome. thank you.

  2. Anthony


  3. Wow Incredibly powerful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The problem is not the debt. The problem is the theft (by the banks with the help of the government which no longer represents us)

    • P.S. Bill Clinton articulated this wonderfully recently. And he should know. By ignoring debt ad concentrating on stimulating the economy (through spending) he turned things around. The debt was paid as a consequence and we got surplus. There were those who cried “debt!” then too.
      Clinton told Obama to concentrate less on debt and more on jobs. But the guy is bought and owned by the banks – the same banks this obsession with the debt and cuts serves.

      • “The guy” is bought and owned by anyone who raised enormous amounts of cash for his election, which includes the solar companies who got gov loans and are now going bankrupt and Soros.

    • Totally agree and the gov should stop bailing them out and let them fail !

      That’s where occupy and tea party share a common goal, and that’s what I support too. 😀

  5. I do believe MichelleIndependent posted that one on Newsbird. I particularly liked the guy who’s cutting his chains. Hope that helped you out….. it should be in the archives.

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  7. I blogged an answer for you: missing from the painting is the big banker yanking the chain. Plus a story I just remembered which tells you what you get for paying the debt.