MeLe KaLiKiMaKa Obamas !

17 Days! and I’m envious. Safe travels, and please don’t forget the little people. Here’s a hint….

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18 responses to “MeLe KaLiKiMaKa Obamas !

  1. But he’s worked so hard… The man deserves a vacation. It’s not like he’s been doing nothing at work, or been flying around the country and the globe eating ice cream and playing golf. Or like he hasn’t really done anything except campaign and insult/destroy the country he says he wants to rule. Plus, he’s hardly had a real vacation since he’s been in office, right? Besides, George Bush … RACIST!!!!!!!

  2. Gracie

    The Obama’s disgust me to the core. He’s taking us all for FOOLS and he’s getting away with it. 2012 can’t come soon enough!

  3. fool4Jesus


  4. The worst part of it is that he has absolutely no concern or remorse for his self centered actions. I think he believes he deserves it because he is Superior to the rest of his subjects.

  5. Reiuxcat

    Let them eat Fruit Cake!

    -Queen Michelle Obama, Her O’liness

  6. Everything is always all about the One. He don’t give a shit who’s Christmas holidays celebrations he ruins as long as HE’s comfortable and HE’s having a good time. There are no words that adequately describe my absolute loathing I have for that low life scum sucking SOB.

    By the way, nice blog, Denise.

  7. NativeTexanJim

    I understand why the icon for Dimocrats (intentional spelling) is a donkey, because they have a jackass in the White House.

  8. Roberta

    Good on you.

  9. Bert

    Un-bucking-felievable how many brain dead sheeple have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the GOP’s racist, hate-filled, economic-sense bereft, worthless rhetoric provided to them by Corporate pro-Trusts designed to keep them financially enslaved, but still thanking the lying politicians who put them there in the first place!