Hot Air: Eureka! Congress blocks the incandescent light bulb ban

Or did they ? Catch the comments at Hot Air for hints….

Oh, and the bit about “reduces pollution”… how much pollution do you think will be generated by lightbulbs we can’t dispose of in landfills, and which require a hazmat team driving over to my house to clean up if they break?

Before I glow too much about this, though, let me add: The rider doesn’t actually repeal the ban; it just prevents the administration from spending any money to enforce the new light bulb standards. Still, at least we got something out of an 11th-hour spending deal that otherwise came up short.

via Tina Korbe


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6 responses to “Hot Air: Eureka! Congress blocks the incandescent light bulb ban

  1. To be fair, this stupid ban goes back to GWB. Nor is the new “block” an Obama hat trick. It’s stupid politics and their worse. The last of the U.S. incandescent light bulb factories moved to China already 😦 Boo Hiss.

  2. Bob

    I’ve been stocking up on incandescents and have enough to last a few years, anyway. I’ll resort to candles and oil lamps before I’ll buy those miserable curly-fry bulbs.

    • Isn’t it silly light bulbs have bonded us all 😀 We have a stockpile too, but too afraid to remove the curly bulbs we tried so far. They. don’t. like. to. be. removed. Freaky.

  3. Ting

    I think this light bulb ban was the start of my utter contempt for our government. It has only grown and grown since then. I hope that I have a life time supply of incandescents, but who knows? I store them in the attic and I don’t think they like the heat. Oh, well.

  4. What A Hoot

    Noticed at the store there are now the curly bulbs wrapped in a plastic tube so if break, contained. Oh geesh, that makes me feel good. (sarc)