Dave Barry: 2011 in Review

Dave Barry’s Month-by-Month Year in Review is always an annual favorite since he gets “that to be politically humorous, it has to be based on truth”. You just can’t write about politics and culture any snarkier than the irony sniffer Dave! And yeah, 2011 made 2010 look good.

Via the Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard


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4 responses to “Dave Barry: 2011 in Review

  1. One of my favorites, from September:

    Disenchantment is also apparent in New York City’s Zuccotti Park with the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement, a gathering of individuals who seek to focus the nation’s attention, laser-like, on the problems of income inequality, greed, corporations, student loans, hunger, mortgages, health care, reforestation, unemployment, political corruption, racism, gender discrimination, lack of tents, consumerism, global climate change, banks, poverty, people wanting to tell other people where and when they can and cannot drum, fossil fuels, showers, immigration, animal rights, Internet access, capitalism and many other issues that will not be resolved until people finally wake up, get off their butts and start seriously engaging in long-term urban camping.

  2. From November:

    The month ends on a reflective note as Americans pause to observe Thanksgiving very much as the Pilgrims did in1621, by pepper-spraying each other at malls.

  3. Bob

    I love this one:
    In Europe, the economic crisis continues to worsen, especially in Greece, which has been operating under a financial model in which the government spends approximately $150 billion a year while taking in revenues totaling $336.50 from the lone Greek taxpayer, an Athens businessman who plans to retire in April. Greece has been making up the shortfall by charging everything to a MasterCard account that the Greek government applied for — in what some critics consider a questionable financial practice — using the name “Germany.”

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