3 responses to “The Annual “A Southerner Moves Up North” and Winter Months Kick-Off

  1. Bob

    I agree that people who can’t handle snow, ice, and cold temperatures don’t belong in the north and should definitely live where it’s warmer. God made different climates for a reason, and the U.S. is large enough that there’s something to suit every preference. 🙂

    As for me — a lifelong northerner who loves snow and doesn’t mind cold temperatures in the least — I can handle anything except hot humid weather…. that’s what pushes me over the brink and has me using language similar to the rant above! 🙂

    • It’s why we chose to retire on the mid-Atlantic coast, moderate climate with a threat of death (see local forecasters and Jim Cantore) hurricanes and blizzards that come about once every 20 years! We’re the idiots that drive the panic buying batteries and bottled water into Black Friday type of frenzy. I love it 😉

  2. As a Texan who just relocated to Mississippi from New Hampshire, I can totally agree with the author’s rant. I could’ve written it. This year we celebrated the holidays wit sunshine and moderate temps and I couldn’t be happier. I’m thinking of donating anything wool to Goodwill and painting my toenails in preparation for sandals!