ReelzTV to the Rescue: Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” Documentary Coming to Cable !

Whether you’re a fan of Gov.Palin or not, don’t let her critics on the left or the right define her for you. Especially anything you see on the network that embraces that misogynist Bill Maher. Thank you ReelzTV for providing an alternative choice to meet Sarah, in her words and real news file footage.

Premiering Sunday, March 11 at 8pm et/5pm pt with encore presentations. Schedule/find your local channel at the Reelz website.

Boycott HBO !!!


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7 responses to “ReelzTV to the Rescue: Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated” Documentary Coming to Cable !

  1. Anonymous

    reelz, I was a fan when you started out with mediocre programming. I applauded you when you took on the ”The Kennedys” and brought yourselves into a whole new dimension. But your latest endeavor, depicting Sarah Palin as some sort of heroine and to release it at a time when passions are high about the blatant prejudice of the tea party……well, I will not watch anymore of your programming. Nor will I purchase any product or service that sponsors this program. When I think of all the great women you could herald and make movies about- I mean, she is at the bottom of the list! And your advertisement states anyone who is interested i n social change! I am extremely disappointed in your decision to make and to air this. I will discourage my friends, family and coworkers from continuing to support Reelz.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes, we are best known when we let it be known who we are against.

      I hesitate to say I support 100% of Gov. Palin’s ideas, because I may only have heard 95% — but I certainly support all I know about.

      Some people are just opposed to any woman with a strong personality, and one who stands for what is right in government, family, religion, and life.

      You must support Obama. Can you list one thing he has done that is successful? 3+ years, & most of that time with Dem House and Dem Senate — he could have done anything.

      Oh, that is right — he did. He promised he would transform America. We transformed the way we handle bankrupt companies. I nstead of letting bankrupt companies reorganize, we paid them big money to fail again — then paid more to watch them fail again, after lining CEO coffers.

      Instead of the companies being owned by the stockholders, the US stole them, and gave them to the unions. governmnt

    • Lynn II

      YEP…let’s not have one iota of showing a different view. It might prick that bubble you live in. LOL

  2. Sherry T

    Fair to give both sides a chance I guess, but Sarah Palin did not give Game Change equal opportunity of viewing before judging. So therein lies the real problem with this.

  3. HBO may have gotten more viewers last night, but they lost a lot of subscribers. And that’s saying somethings since Real Time has been on the network for years now. I’ll be watching Reelz tonight.