Suppose Generation Chuckie Cheese Did This in North Korea ?

The video is via Hot Air, with a snarkilicious intro:

Well, any Occupy ‘prank’ not involving human waste is at least a step in the right direction.

Everytime the Occupiers pull a stunt for the sake of not wanting to be ignored, I think of life in a North Korean prison camp. Well, for that matter, just life in North Korea. I think in the future, as the OWS spring training season heats up and their antics ramp down, I’m going to say, Suppose they did this in North Korea ? That way I can post silly OWS stories, roll my eyes and simply embed link wishing them all go occupy a real human tragedy.

There was torture, starvation, betrayals and executions, but to Shin In Geun, Camp 14 – a prison for the political enemies of North Korea – was home. Then one day came the chance to flee…

Warning, the content of the rest of the article may be graphic and disturbing to some, especially to OWS supporters, because they will still think America is more oppressive? In their minds…

Kudos to the UK’s Guardian for bringing the prison camp story to my attention. The U.S. media? Probably on the page after Doonesbury?


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3 responses to “Suppose Generation Chuckie Cheese Did This in North Korea ?

  1. Bob

    That young man’s story is amazing. I’m glad he escaped from that hellhole, but I’m sorry for the millions still there. Wish there were a way to spring them all.

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  3. What is sad is how ignorant the N. Korean government kept that young man, but that is part of enslaving another human being. Even in the United States, when slavery was still legal, it was illegal to teach the slaves to read. And now, look at our school system. Why does it do such a poor job of teaching Christianity and civics? Incompetence? That’s probably the reason. Nonetheless, will we at some point have to admit that the system is working as intended?

    Knowledge is power. The more ignorant a slave owner can keep his slaves of the degree of their servitude, the more assurance that slave owner has that his slaves will stay enslaved.