12 responses to “MObama is Priceless !

  1. The best style is the style you don’t notice.
    — Somerset Maugham

  2. Lynn II

    MO, bound and determined to look 20 sumthin’. What an asshat! lol
    J-Lo or Beyonce?

    • Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw fundraiser. Oh wait, we peons aren’t privvy to those events. 😉

  3. A.Men

    Hoochie mama called out by Black preacher for setting bad example!

    • Imagine if Ann Romney attended the Kids Choice Awards dressed like that? OMG! OMG!

      Just thinking of all the fuss the left made over the cost of Mrs. Romney’s blouse.

  4. wmcb

    LOL! Yeah, the whining over the price of Ann Romney’s clothes just makes me want to sputter with rage. What freakin’ hypocrites.

  5. leslie

    OMG! I never saw that coming! Hoochie mama is right.
    And just where was she called out by Black preacher for setting bad example!?