is no longer available

The MO Birdie Intervention Team still has much work to do

“the authors have deleted this blog”

Sadly, the words that greeted me last night when arriving for my daily fix of all things birdie and the snarkilicous birdettes.

I’ve heard from Lynn and she too is unaware of what happened, has contacted Birdie and waiting to hear back.

Thought I’d start a post to give refuge to those of you awaiting news. Or something 😀

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  1. WordPress just told me this was my 666th post. Not a good sign, yikes.

    • Well Bob, if we can’t figure this out in another week or too, I’m going to try and drag the birds over to Polination. They’d LOVE Pete’s Daily Grudge 😉

  2. Annie's Mom

    Thank you, DVB! I have email addresses for a couple of birdies, so I’ve passed this on.

  3. srdem65

    Thanks to Annie’s Mom, I’ve found another nest to snuggle in.

  4. Thank you for the haven. I sure hope that Birdie is alright.

  5. This is the only info I have so far after a panicked email to Lynn last night,her response as of early this a.m.:

    Don’t know. Sent an email, no response yet. I know she’s been dealing with issues. Her green card and her dog, starting a new business online. Her health was an issue too. She didn’t tell me anything or let meknow what she was planning. If I hear from her I will be sure to let you know. I didn’t save anyone’s email address because I wasn’t informed. Caught me unaware too. Isn’t like Birdie to do that. so strange…..

    • nellyq

      That’s what is so very weird–when Birdie decided to take a rest from blogging a while back, she posted to let all us birdettes know what was going on. To just delete the blog one night out of the blue just doesn’t sound like Birdie, does it? Surely she would have let Lynn II know what was going on?

  6. I found a few emails through my blog comments, but only went back to Dec 2011. Sent them this post link in case they’re worried. Had one come back as undeliverable for A.Men ? I swear that was a Birdie poster. See, there was a reason I xposted my blog links to Newsbird… harvest ! /snort

  7. Lynn II

    Thank goodness for you and MOTUS!! Needless to say I am worried about Birdie but, so glad you’ve picked up the slack too. I will be busy for the next couple of days doing an estate sale. In the meantime, I’ll just join everyone here and at MOTUS. As soon as I hear something I will be sure to let you know. You guys rock!!

  8. srdem65

    OT: crazy time
    Drudge is reporting that California residents heard a strange noise in the sky, some reported their homes or belongings vibrating but it wasn’t an earthquake. They don’t know what it was.
    I have twice heard a loud sound in the sky over my home in the Phoenix area that sounded like a jet engine going very, very slowly past my house. There were vibrations, but no plane, no earthquake. nada. a clear, sunny day.

    Does anyone else have a report of a strange unnatural sound coming from the sky that can’t be explained? or am I just nuts.

    • I live between a master jet base and a NASA rocket launch site, we hear boom-booms all the time. However, every now and then, there’s something different that shakes, rattle and rolls our area and the Navy and NASA release statements like “it wasn’t me” . So they all get together and say something scientific like “an atmospheric phenomena”. Yeah right. It’s Obama World afterall 😉

      • Anonymous

        There was an earthquake on the 5th near Big Bear, CA, butt apparently is was a small one.

  9. MTVA

    I was devastated to find Newsbird gone! I have not been a commenter, but deeply enjoyed all of your great comments, they are so good that I didn’t feel equal to offer up my two cents. But I will now. Glad you are here, Denise VB, I always check your blog, too, and enjoy it very much. I hope Birdy is ok!

  10. Just a little update.

    ~ I did find Birdie’s regular email and sent her a link to this blog post and told her to check in if she can, we were worried about her. I know it’s a long holiday weekend with people taking 2 days off to give them 5 days off in a row. This can take awhile and with hopes Lynn will hear from her first and update us too.

    ~The regular birdies who also post at MOTUS will see this post in the blogroll.

    ~And if I’ve missed those peeps, and they google Newsbird, I was happy to see this post came up in the top ten results. So I think we’re pretty much covered to find lost birdettes.

    I think it was back in 2008/09, during the horrid Obama Dem takeover when Kevin at Hillbuzz had a meltdown and shut down for awhile, or was it he banned half his community?). I’ll never forget someone who had contacted me (thinking I was someone else, but hey…) and directed me to a Hillbuzz refugee blog, rebuilt, new blogs were started, some lived, most perished (sort of a mini-cyber revolution). I think it was on one of them that I found a link to Cripes Suzette who had the wonderful Fashion Icon and Busy Mom(tm) posts about Michelle’s style. It was there I saw a link to Newsbird. Been there since ’09. And we grew as a family and we were always most kind to each other. So? I’m passing it forward. Here’s your regroup post and to let Lynn know, I’m behind her 110% for a new blog. As long as she uses a light background with dark type. My eyes, my eyes! We old farts need better contrast 😀

    Have a wonderful Happy Birthday USA week. Fingers still crossed for that wordpress glitch, Birdies good health and keeping our band of snarkie birdies together !

    • Lynn II

      question….will you allow links to subjects of interest to all? Certain issues that come up and everyone needs to be informed to pass it along? With a short commentary on the link info?

    • nellyq

      Thank you for the update and for working to keep the inhabitants of the nest together!! I do remember Kevin’s meltdown and it looks like he has had another,but some devoted bloggers are keeping Hillbuzz going for now. I was hopeful that Newsbird would do likewise with Lynn’s help, but it doesn’t look like it was to be. We will need the support of each other during the upcoming months so I am very pleased you have had the information necessary to get the flock regrouped!

      • Thanks nelly, just playing it forward. 😀 Stay tuned, we’ll figure it all out and it will get even better…..I promise!

        • Lynn II

          exactly! As long as we have a place to meet up we can rock this world!

          • dailypuma

            If you are Hillary Clinton supporters and aren’t afraid to say so, I will happily put a link up on for you all.

          • Sandy – I’m already on The Daily Puma blogroll and have been since ’08 🙂 And I appreciate all you’ve done in the post-Obama Apocalypse for those of us who were devastated by the results of the 2008 Dem Primaries and all the other great causes “real” Dems still believe in.

            I put this post up to rescue members of the Newsbird blog community because the owner just shut it down without warning. Just trying to gathering them up at this point.

            I think if anyone here were for Hillary, that disappeared when she accepted to become part of the Obama Administration. Me personally, would have held more respect for her had she stayed in the Senate, perhaps as Majority Leader. I won’t be writing a pro-Hill blog anytime soon, at least until Barry’s out of office. Had she primaried him for 2012, I’m sure most of the Birdies would have supported that effort. We’re committed ABO’s 😀

            Newsbird was simply a friendly/fun blog to challenge the morons who called Michelle Obama a Fashion Icon LIKE JACKIE. You’ve also stumbled into a recovering Dem Party nest, most of us are center-right now. Some of us, Romney wasn’t our first GOP pick to knock off Obama. We’re all behind him now.

            Again, thanks for your cache help and guidance for Newsbird’s blog. We’re just waiting to hear from her to make sure she’s okay.

          • dailypuma

            Hillary Clinton picked the most prudent path for herself and her country. She could not have survived in the Senate with MSNBC watching her every move and ready to turn her into Snowball whenever it was necessary. It’s sad some have not picked up on that.

            One way to reduce Obama’s popularity is to publicly declare loyalty to either Hillary Clinton or a Republican candidate. However, to summarily dismiss Hillary Clinton’s chances this year was a huge mistake.

            There were several scud news releases sent out specifically to see how much support was out there for Hillary Clinton because Barack Obama was having difficulty raising money. So strange that so many gave up so easily.

  11. Lynn II

    dailypuma, we’re of all stripes with one objective….to see BO tossed out of office. Not one of us liked the 2008 primary and the sleazy way it was run by BO’s people. I don’t think anyone appreciated the “democratic good ol’ boys’ that forced Clinton out. Speaking for myself only, I despised the savaging of Ferraro, Palin, and any other woman who spoke up. I think women, whether conservative or liberal, have the right to their opinions without being called filthy names. IMHO, and it’s just mine, right now supporting Clinton is not the issue, getting rid of BO is the issue.

    • dailypuma

      Do you all agree that completely abandoning Hillary Clinton is the right way to go? It really does not take much effort to simply create an article title such as “We want Hillary Clinton for President in 2012 and 2016.”

      If you really are a Hillary Clinton supporter, it would be such a minimal sacrifice for a person who has flown more miles at 30,000 feet (possibly exposing herself to lethal amount of x-rays in the process) than any other SOS in the history of the United States, to simply post a pro Hillary Clinton article from the comfort of your computer, no?

      • Lynn II

        Sorry, can’t “create” any article here. Not my blog 🙂

      • Response to Daily Puma above. See, I suck at this 😉 He’s not a troll, Stealth Magnolia’s on his RSS blogroll so he may have seen this post there.

  12. Lynn II

    Mutual backscratching…
    “The Sierra Club on Friday announced that Al Armendariz would be joining the group’s “Beyond Coal” campaign next month as a senior representative.

    “As a third generation Texan, I’m proud to be taking on this new role to help protect Texas,” Armendariz said in a statement released by Sierra Club.”
    Of course none of them will mention the new report from the government about the 17% drop in carbon emissions which didn’t need cap and tax
    or any other draconian measures. The US isn’t the problem folks.

  13. Lynn II

    Romney campaign uses Clinton to hit back at BO….
    ““Barack Obama’s attacks against Mitt Romney: they’re just not true,” says the ad’s narrator. “The Washington Post says, ‘On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair, and untrue.’ But that’s Barack Obama. He also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies.” The ad then cuts to footage of Hillary Clinton saying that Obama “continues to spend millions of dollars perpetuating falsehoods.””

      • Lynn II

        Nice ….hillaryis44 is also rooting for Romney….funny how that worked out for everyone. It seems to me Clinton as SOS is logging those air miles to straighten out the mess BO has made of foreign policy. B Clinton’s statements about Romney and Bain Capital make me think neither one of the Clintons want to see BO back in the WH in 2012.

        • dailypuma

          I’m not necessarily rooting for Romney, I’m just saying they bungled the use of Hillary Clinton so badly it does make me wonder if I can trust his judgement and selecting the right people to govern.

          • Astroserf

            Puma, that makes us even–I am certainly not rooting for Hillary.

          • dailypuma

            How does that make us even? Who are you rooting for?

          • Lynn II

            See what hillaryis44 is saying….
            “Mitt Romney has a very effective ad airing in Ohio that fits in beautifully with what we discussed in our 2009 article The Republican Secret Weapon – Hillary Clinton.

            The attack line which is heard and seen in the ad comes from the Secret Weapon herself:

            “A new ad from former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney uses a clip of Hillary Clinton to say “Shame on you, Barack Obama.”

            The ad starts with quotes from the Post’s Factchecker deeming a recent anti-Romney ad misleading, unfair and untrue. That ad attacked Romney as an outsourcer. It came out before the recent Washington Post article on Romney’s record at Bain Capital, relying instead on the then-governor’s veto of a bill that would have barred Massachusetts from contracting with companies that outsourced.

            “But that’s Barack Obama,” the narrator says. “He also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies.”

            The ad then cuts to a video clip from 2008, when Clinton attacked her then-rival Obama for mailers claiming she called the North American Free Trade Agreement a “boon” for the economy. (Clinton never actually used that word). “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” Clinton says in the footage.

            The Romney campaign has tried to drive a wedge between Obama and the Clintons before, trying to peel off voters who have fond feelings towards the last Democratic president. Given that Hillary Clinton is now Obama’s Secretary of State, it seems likely that someone in her circle will respond.”
            The response is not so secret cheers from the Hillary Clinton circle.

            Compare what we wrote in 2009 and this description of the ad from the Washington Post, “But that’s Barack Obama,” the narrator says. “He also attacked Hillary Clinton with vicious lies.” This is what we wrote in 2009:

            “What we found interesting was how Andrea Tantaros bolstered her argument when she invoked the name of Hillary Clinton as one who had been targeted by the same forces of ignorance and bullying. Those ignorant bullies parade about as forces of knowledge and understanding but we now know them for what they really are.

            Republicans and Conservatives should take a clue from Ms Tantaros – utilize the history of the 2008 primaries and what was done to Hillary Clinton to expose the intolerant bullies who pose as progressives.”….snip
            “This Mitt Romney ad is smart on three levels. Smart #1: because it employs our “secret weapon” strategy.

            Smart #2: because it puts Obama’s attacks into a greater narrative that Obama is a filthy liar who smears his political opponents.

            Smart #3: because it does not yet deploy the best and most effective Romney retort against the Obama Bain attacks – Bill Clinton. A strong response on Bain from Romney will come not now, as we approach the July 4 holiday and the Summer vacation season. After Labor Day Mitt Romney will deploy ads with Cory Booker, Deval Patrick and Bill Clinton defending Mitt Romney’s business acumen and Bain Capital. Bill Clinton will be deployed to devastating effect by Mitt Romney after Labor Day and not just on Bain Capital.”
            There is more but, you get the drift…..I guess it’s all in the perspective..

          • That was a GREAT ad. Reminded me when Hill was thrown under the bus, I guess she recovered faster than I did 😦

          • Lynn II

            Denise VB, just remember 2010 and go from there….Hillary needs to catch up with us now, not the other way around.

          • dailypuma

            Lynn II said, “There is more but, you get the drift…..I guess it’s all in the perspective..
  ” end quote

            Yes, I agree it’s all in the perspective, most definitely. I’m not just going by the literally hundreds of hours of research I did in 2008, I’m also going by my own personal experience as a video editor and camera person who worked with several hundred people over several years span, the ad is a bust.

            I do share the thrill that Hillary was even mentioned, but that is nowhere near enough.

  14. PortiaElizabeth

    I’m so saddened to learn that newsbird’s site is gone. I didn’t comment often, but I so appreciated the wit and wisdom of the birdies. I hope she is well and we will hear from her soon. I’m really grateful to Lynn for keeping us informed, so will also be keeping fingers crossed for her.

    • Hi PortiaE ! So glad you found us. Whew huh? Always a sad day when a blog goes missing and we don’t realize how important it was to us until it’s gone. 😦 Upthread, DailyPuma has a link to the last post on Newsbird, from Lynn. It was the SCOTUS Decision Day. AND I missed it 😦

    • Lynn II

      Thank yew, so happy for the support… 😀

  15. srdem65

    OT: or maybe not
    I’m getting two e-mails a day from my BFF’s Barry and Michelle, all begging me for money. Sometimes a “steffanie” or “jim” write me too.
    I’m starting to feel like a deadbeat consumer who owes money to the creditcard company.
    My new BFF, “Mitt” keeps calling and writing, too.
    For some reason they all think I would like to ride on a bus to nowhere in particular with them. Ha!
    I’d rather put on a pair of 5inch heels and walk around the mall than get on a bus with any of them.

  16. I did an emotional-vote-with-my-wallet Mitt donation after the SCOTUS clusterf**K decision for a few bucks, but it qualified me for the bus tour. If I win, I get to bring a “guest”, and you’re coming with me !

  17. The Original

    I was very sad to see Newsbird gone today. I really enjoyed the site. I will bookmark this site so hopefully see what the future holds.

    • Lynn II

      We’re all finding each other thanks to Denise and Annie’s Mom. Just cuddle up with the rest of us for a while.

  18. Lynn II

    BO goes to CO for a photo-op…Romney actually helps with disaster relief.

    “Due to the devastating storms ravaging the mid-west and east coast, many states were declared disaster areas including Ohio. To assist with disaster relief the Romney campaign is using its Columbus headquarters and campaign bus to assist relief efforts”

    • The Original

      That is what a real leader does!

    • dailypuma

      I give Romney a point for that, most definitely. That was one of my secret ideas for Hillary Clinton in 2008 (secret as in never told anyone, was saving it), to transform some of her volunteers into assisting the elderly who could not afford their air conditioning bill.

      It would have literally been a breathe of fresh air and a great alternative to simply running more television ads, although Obama outspent Hillary Clinton 3-1 and 4-1 on television ads in several midwestern states.

      • Lynn II

        At this point in time, the need to get BO out of office trumps anything and everything else. 2008 is behind us, 2012 is our goal now. We can’t obssess about what was.

        • dailypuma

          That’s a meme I don’t totally trust simply because we can do both. Choosing not to do both feels like a hidden agenda to me, conservatives posing as former Hillary Clinton supporters now too disgusted with the democrat party to say anything nice about any democrat, including Hillary Clinton.

          That’s a bit much to swallow. It just comes off like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We can be disgusted with the democrat party, not like Barack Obama, and still like Hillary Clinton.

          The democrat party is in ruins because Nancy Pelosi’s district is in San Francisco and that region has a fanatical love for her, and that won’t change even if Barack Obama loses this fall. Destroying the democrat party so that it can grow anew won’t happen if Pelosi is still in power. If no one challenges Pelosi for power, political gridlock will continue in this country.

          If Hillary Clinton is thrown to the curb by PUMA’s, that just leaves the progressives in charge, and they fanatically support Pelosi, and that fanaticism will continue, and america will continue to be blighted even if the Republicans win this fall.

          • I supported Hillary over Obama in 2008. PUMA was my transition OUT of the Democratic Party. Then supported McCain-Palin as an Independent, I have no party loyalty to anyone.

            Newsbird was a conservative site and many “recovering” Dems were embraced by her. It was not a puma site, nor a “republican” site. Probably safe to say, we all shared an ideology with the Tea Party’s social and fiscal values.

            As I agree with Lynn, it’s ABO 2012 baby !

          • Lynn II

            No, we can’t do both…and we certainly don’t have a “for us or against us” attitude. Speaking for myself and no other, the last thing on my mind is Hillary Clinton. I have no hidden agenda, no party loyalty, and am totally disgusted with anyone who holds high office and agrees with BO. Nancy Pelosi isn’t the only one who has turned the Dem Party into a train wreck. She’s just the most vocal along with Reid.

            • dailypuma

              I agree that Reid should be on that list as well. Philosphically speaking, the first Clinton era was a supposed to be a springboard for progress. We now have planned political gridlock, and part of that plan was making sure that Obama got by Hillary Clinton.

            • Lynn II

              Well, he got by her and she now works for him…. Nuff said

          • Lynn II

            Last thought….I will kick almost any Dem to the curb to get BO out of office.

          • Annie's Mom

            I’m just speaking for myself here…Newsbird wasn’t about Hillary, or the Dems, or Pelosi…. I could care less that the Dem party is in ruins. Please go try to fix your problems somewhere else…DVB offered a haven to the birdies…you were not one. Move on, please.

  19. The Original

    BO is resting from all of his hard work at Camp David tomorrow . . . LOL!!!

    • srdem65

      Curious. This is when the O’s would be on a mini-vacation to someplace where they would ruin other’s vacations. But, thanks to a tough campaign and MO’s bad press on her very-special taxpayers jaunts, they have to play it down.
      I thought that both daughters would be at a summer camp this year. if they are; where’s MO? If she didn’t go to CampDavid, why would he have left her alone at the WH.

      I’m willing to guess that he’s not “resting” but has all his campaign gurus with him while they try to figure out the next move. He’s played all his cards and none of them have worked they way they imagined. MrR is still dogging him in the polls (leading some, too) and raising tons more cash than the Obama campaign. The most important thing they’re worried about is the Fast&Furious mess that the DOJ created; it’s not going away, it’s become big enough so that the MSM had to report it and it could bring down everyone.

      • Lynn II

        It’s my hope all the scandal will get BO tossed out of office. The paycayshun will be the Olympics. BO had the gall to “appoint” MO an ambassador. You can bet the “entourage” will be huge, along with Wee Wons and Mom. My disgust with those two will never change, no matter how much “hope” they hype.

      • Astroserf

        Lynn II–you always come up with the greatest links! It’s only been a few days, but I was missing your wit already.

        • Lynn II

          I’m here for now, and thank yew very much!!
          Never give up, never, not ever, surrender. LOL

  20. Oh my, WaPo seems to have a problem with the Romney Family Summer Vacation …. competitive sports and outdoor activities … and he MAKES the whole family participate !! What a meany /s

    So tell me, isn’t this what Michelle Obama WANTS us to do with our families? Let’s Move and the taxpayers’ millions in her travel expenses ? She should be holding the Romney’s up as a model family, not a fattie among them 😀

    • srdem65

      Wait a minute; this is what the Kennedys were famous for…the touch football and if I remember JackieO was a seasoned horse rider.
      I guess the difference is the letter after the name…D or R.

      • Sad isn’t it. They did the same thing to Sarah Palin’s family and all their “weird” outdoorsy family activities. (OMG they hunt for their own food!!!).

        The Kennedys inspired a nation with close-knit happy family activities together. Jackie never told us what to eat or lecture us on not moving around enough. They set the example (well, until the tell-all books came out).

    • Lynn II

      OMG, ‘normal’….how can we possibly vote for anyone like Romney when we have the Golfer-in-Chief and the First Paycayshun Shopper to admire. /

  21. Annie's Mom

    DVB…thank you for giving us a home. I can’t speak for anyone but myself…I don’t care what Hillary does. I’m ABO2012!!

  22. The Original

    In case you haven’t seen this . . . this is what a real President does when he works . . .

  23. dcbroome

    I too was shocked and puzzled when my Newsbird link didn’t work a few days ago. I kept googling “what happened to Newsbird” and never got an answer until today when this link showed up! Thanks! It has now been added to my favorites! (And PS, please don’t let it become a forum for certain Hillary cheerleaders…)

    • dailypuma

      The reason Stealth Magnolia has been listed on dailypuma for the past 3 and 1/2 years is because the blog owner was on the Hillary Clinton Forum as a regular poster back in 2008. I understand now that many bloggers that allegedly supported Hillary Clinton back then were actually conservatives or obots pretending, but I’m just stating the history.

      • Lynn II

        that’s exactly the point…it’s all history. Most of us are not looking to past elections, nor are we looking to 2016….We get it, you love Hillary Clinton but, she isn’t in this race nor will she be.

    • dailypuma

      Not that you care, but Hillary Clinton IS NOTHING like Barack Obama, nor is she a progressive.

      • Astroserf

        Then why did she state in the CNN debate in 2008, “I consider myself an early 20th Century Progressive”.

        • dailypuma

          the 20th century started in 1900. That’s a much different breed than the whackanoodle progressives in charge right now.

          • Astroserf

            Puma, I am very aware when the 20th Century started. I was quoting your very own Hillary. In the 21st Cemtury she said she’s a 20th Century Progie. She certainly was aware of what Progies are today when she made that remark. If Progies are so different today why is she claiming them? I won’t be responding to you again, so happy trolling.

            • dailypuma

              It’s actually trolling to ask a question but then say you won’t bother responding. Obviously progressives from a hundred years ago would be much much different than progressives from now.

  24. Anonna

    What a shock to see that Newsbird had been deleted. I was glad to see this site and find that it was a nest for we refugee newsbirdettes. I’ll keep checking here until the mystery is solved and we know what to do next. I used to love ‘immigration news daily’ and one day the owner needed a break — good-bye to a tight group of posters who needed that site to share information and friendship. I hope Newsbird hasn’t disappeared forever and if there is any way that I can help as a birdie, I’d be glad to do so. It’s great to see my newsbird friends’ web names again, btw.

    • Lynn II

      Welcome aboard Annona. Denise has given us a spot to regroup. (she loves our snark)

    • dailypuma

      It seems like a kneejerk reaction to close a blog because of the ObamaCare mandate by the supreme court. There is an amazing amount of narcissism among some blog owners who think their sites are only about them. Then, all of a sudden, It’s like they took their bat and left the baseball game without telling anybody.

      On DailyPUMA, many browsers save a ton of time by quickly checking on their favorite blog to see if that blog RSS feed has updated, and that maintains a relationship between the reader and their favorite blog and transcends what I as the moderator thinks.

      You are all being gracious about the closing of a blog that you frequented, but if it turns out to be an unreversible act, than in my book that makes the action a violent, immature act, unless some dire health issue affected the moderator and that caused the closure.

      • Annie's Mom

        We have no idea why Newsbird closed the blog. LynnII has been running the blog for months. We’re all concerned about Newsbird. We have no idea and we’re not speculating.

        • dailypuma

          That is very classy of you. If there is a health issue involved, it would have been great to used the blog to let others know. But you are right, until you know, it is speculation.

      • nellyq

        Birdie apparently had issues beyond the political state of this country. She was NOT a violent or immature person and we all are very concerned about her well being. The abrupt closure of her blog was not like her, especially as she had turned the commentary over to Lynn II months ago when her personal issues became distracting.

      • Lynn II

        There is no reason for us not to be gracious.

  25. Lynn II

    Another BO loss….Dept of Education rules tossed, for the most part
    “The gainful employment rule has come under challenge because it imposes post-graduate employment standards on for-profit institutions that it does not impose on taxpayer-funded institutions. It has sparked controversy even among liberal Democrats who argue that it unfairly targets schools that help minority students obtain knowledge and training that help them gain jobs and advance in their careers. The Department of Education issued the gainful employment rule in 2011 and it was to go into effect on July 1, 2012.

    “Gainful employment” has been seen as one of many Obama administration regulations that harm private sector enterprises and favor government run entities.”

    Ownership of everything is the goal of BO’s hostile takeover group.

  26. Lynn II

    Here he comes …….. again {{sigh}}
    […]Obama’s two-day road trip through Pennsylvania and Ohio — both are key battleground states in the November election — kicks off July 5, a campaign official said. It will be the president’s first bus tour of the 2012 campaign.[…]

    His first bus tour? LOLOLOL Look out “bitter clingers” he wants your stash now. LOL

    • srdem65

      I estimate it’s his 467th trip to Ohio.
      IMO, the campaign bus is OK for the challenger, but really? the POTUS on a bus meeting the little people at the 7-11?
      No one is going to change their vote because BO’s bus ran through their town.

      • Lynn II

        He flies in on Air Force Won…drives to where the bus is parked accompanied by 12-14 SUVs, hops on the Thunderbus (made in Canada) rides in it for 3 minutes to whatever site he’s visiting. This week it’s Parma…
        10 minutes away….the stench will be in the neighborhood for hours.

    • Astroserf

      Yeah Bitter Clingers–he wants not only your stash, but all of your cash–just in case you have any left over after trying to make a living during the Failed Economic Policies of the Obama Administration.

  27. Lynn II

    BO may not want to remind you of the bailout, but I want everyone to be reminded of it and the colossal failure it truly has been.
    […]Those shares were worth about $9.8 billion as of Monday. That would leave taxpayers with a loss of $16.6 billion.
    But that’s not the full tally. Obama let GM keep $45 billion in past losses to offset future profits. Those are usually wiped out or slashed, along with debts, in bankruptcy. But the administration essentially gifted $45 billion in write-offs (book value $18 billion) to GM. So when GM earned a $7.6 billion profit in 2011 (more on that below), it paid no taxes.
    Include that $18 billion gift, and taxpayers’ true loss climbs to nearly $35 billion.
    Of course, there’s no chance that the Obama administration will sell off its GM stake before Election Day. That would force Obama to recognize actual losses, which would remind voters that the bailout was a massive transfer from taxpayers to unions.[…]

  28. Annie's Mom

    “What would you do if you received a mysterious box from the White House at your doorstep? Mitchell Elementary students found themselves asking the same question when a large, brown package arrived with a return address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

    • Lynn II

      I bet those little kids were so happy. What a special gift from the First Grifter…LOL

      • Annie's Mom

        I guess one of the handmaidens ran out to the grocery store?

        • srdem65

          Nope. They just collected the veggies, put them in a box and off they went.
          It would have been so much nicer if they had been flash-frozen or canned or even if they had included some WH bee’s honey.

          Nope. Just dump the veggies in the box.

    • Speaking of Out of Touch …. probably the most hated veggies in that age group. Why not yummy corn on the cob, potatoes and carrots ? Or just a photo of the group with the First Lady to hang at their school forever!?

      • Annie's Mom

        I don’t garden on the East Coast…but are any of those veggies ready yet? They surely didn’t come from the Magic Garden….

        • Come to think of it I think peas and broccoli are fall harvest (we don’t grow those) ? Just pulled the last of red potatoes and onions. Heavy spring rains now the heat, nothing else did well for us 😦

          • Annie's Mom

            Lynn told me her peas are just now blossoming…and my apology…no more drinking with Lynn and then posting. My apology to Dailypuma, as well. I promise I’ll behave (as long a Lynn doesn’t misbehave…)

            • Lynn II

              LOL 😀 ….the tea trolley stayed out and was well stocked….the whole thing with Birdie affected me more then I thought…let’s face it we did have fun and I was totally s**tfaced!! LOL

            • {{hugs}} Lynn ! Yay for drunkblogging, but we’ll be starting a new chapter soon. Let me know if this post is getting too long, I’ll put up a new one. Sometimes long comment threads cause slow loading for some people.

            • Lynn II

              It was one of “those” days. LOL
              Throw up a thread any time it pleases you.

          • Lynn II

            snow peas and sugar snaps are summer and fall. Sown twice here. Broccoli, middle and end of August. Peas are now waist high and blooming (they really are pretty) should start harvesting in two or three weeks.

            • Annie's Mom

              My point exactly…this was a store-bought photo-op.

            • Lynn II

              AM, or the stuff was started in a greenhouse very early and then planted. Our zone is later because frost can hit up until the end of May. Rule of thumb is “plant after May 15th”.

  29. Lynn II

    LOL :D…. likely voters agree….BO is a worse Preezy then Carter. NO, not a right leaning pollster
    […]According to a Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of likely voters, Barack Obama now rates behind Jimmy Carter in the pantheon of great presidents. The poll asked likely voters to list the two best and the two worst presidents (in) the history of the United States.[…]

    • srdem65

      I liked MrCarter. I thought he was a decent , hardworking man who was in over his head. The Iranians and inept StateDepartment, the crummy economy all worked against him.
      I thought his brother, Billy, was a hoot.. Having someone like Billy in his family made him just like the rest of us who have relatives we’d rather not acknowlege.

  30. Lynn II

    One would think teh WONS might consider their Vineyard paycayshuns in poor taste…especially now that BO’s re-election campaign is doing so poorly. IMHO, they have always been in poor taste while so many citizens are suffering.

    “The White House travel office canceled security preparations as well as the Obama’s housing accommodations on the island.”

    Read more:

    • srdem65

      The O’s can pop a tent in the RoseGarden, cook over a Coleman stove and play badmitton with each other, but it won’t erase the memories we have of all their luxe vacations, or of MO’s trip to Spain and Africa.

      • Lynn II

        Shopping in London, France and India……using Air Force Two as her personal cab for the NY shows and shopping….

    • Annie's Mom

      Interesting to note…Daylife does not have a “BO returns from Camp David to the Big White” photo. Unusual…no photo. What don’t they want us to see?

      • I miss our Daylife snarkies. MO’s been MIA for quite awhile, I’m starting to miss her. Thought for sure we’d get a peek at their swell family gathering at Camp David this weekend. Those Romney family vacay photos are just too precious and must be putting tremendous pressure on the O’s to look adorable too 😉

        • Annie's Mom

          BO returned to the Big White this morning by himself. MO is supposed to be with him tonight at the picnic for the troops. My guess is Malia took a bunch of friends to Camp David to celebrate her birthday (today), and they didn’t want us to know.

          • Poor Sasha, only got lunch at Red Robin 😉 Let’s see, Camp David has a pool, ponies and bike trails, what fun for Malia. Why not share that with us? Now if they closed down Busch Gardens for the day……. that I’d have a problem with.

  31. Missing Laura Bush

    It took me 4 days of searching to find the birdies! So glad I found you all! I wish Newsbird well and hope she will join us here or resume her blog. I do not post often, but I read this site every day. Love the news and insight. Thanks to Lynn II and the others for keeping this going. Oh, and I would prefer to keep the talk about Hillary to a minimum.

  32. srdem65

    I hope you all have a nice 4th and if you’re one of those who have no airconditioning, I hope you can stay cool.

    OT: at the market today, I happened to follow a woman with a loaded cart who was studying the pre-cut fruit assortment. I asked her if she was in charge of the “party” and did I get an earful; she wasn’t sure if her guests would eat everything she bought, didn’t know if she should buy more/or/put some back. She made me laugh when she said if they didn’t eat all the hamburgers, she was going to keep them at her house until the burgers were all gone.
    As as “senior”, I’m given guest status so I don’t have to be in charge of anything, but I remember those occasions when I had the same worries as the lady in the market.
    Some things never change, just the players and the date.

    • Ooops, found you in my pool filter this morning 🙂 I have a 2 link max setting that triggered it. I see one is a dupe, do you want me to fix it ?

      • Lynn II

        Please do fix it…sorry about that.

        • Done ! Oh and am loving the DNCC falling apart. I’m not even sure why they need one since Obama does whatever the hell he wants to anyhow, platform or not. My fear is his re-election will give him a mandate to make things even worse not to mention doubling up on their family paycayshuns.

          • Lynn II

            When the Dem pols realized they had lost close to 20% of Dem voters they started jumping ship. the pace is picking up.

            • Looks like my nesting is starting to work. I’ve never needed it before….LOL. I’ve set it to six deep for your planning convenience 😉 I think WP goes up to 12.

            • Lynn II

              Denise VB…I just love you to death!! I have always said (and told you numerous times) YOU ROCK!!

  33. Lynn II

    Have a happy 4th of July…celebrate your freedom

  34. Happy Birthday America ! This is cute…..

  35. srdem65

    re: the photo of the Romneys on a jet-ski
    I forwarded the photo to some family and friends and was shocked or surprised at the response. They all commented on how happy MrsR looked and were aware that MrR wasn’t just along for the “ride”, he was there to protect her in case something went wrong.

  36. Annie's Mom

    “A new study funded by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.”

    • Lynn II

      In other words, they’re afraid of ‘normal everyday Americans’…how funny.
      A new poll came out concerning that very issue..only 22% think the pols are governing with the consent of the people….so?

  37. Lynn II

    Nothing going on….or maybe happening later…slip over to Adrienne’s corner.

  38. zoinks

    I was so cold out of the nest! My worst fear was that an overweight bald eagle swooped down and ate our newsbirdie!