I’m a Sarah Jessica Parker Fan, Butt…

Poster girl for when celebrities should STFU about politics

…she’s getting on my last nerve. I can’t even watch SATC reruns anymore.

h/t The Blacksphere


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4 responses to “I’m a Sarah Jessica Parker Fan, Butt…

  1. PortiaElizabeth

    OMG! This is exactly what I was thinking! Her little privileged world begins and ends in Manhatton. SJP has no idea what’s been happening to people in the rest of the country: the ones with jobs and mortgages and bills to pay. She really needs to STFU.

    • I don’t believe in organized boycotts, but celebrities must feel the backlash of drooling in Obama’s bucket. Oprah comes to mind……. 😀

      • srdem65

        If the stories are true, Oprah has already been punished for her support of BO and got kicked under the bus for her efforts by the Os

        I never got the fandom of either one of the two women, but to each his own.

  2. zoinks

    SJP has to learn how to squeal like a real woman.