A Message from OFA’s Team WTF 2012

via Days of Change, great find !


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3 responses to “A Message from OFA’s Team WTF 2012

  1. I was looking for Stephanie Cutter videos (I find her hilariously divorced from reality) and found this. It’s funnier than a regular Cutter video, but just as unhinged.

    • LOL, I never heard of her until I saw this on your blog. Dutiful daily reader that I am of Days of Change, thought it was real til the “Second City” credit at the end of the video! Great parody!

      • Cutter was on Team Kerry back in 2004 and I read about her when Newsweek did the election postmortem. Apparently she was in charge of MO back in 2008, which didn’t exactly spell success. Now, she’s in charge of Obama’s crappy social media.