Olympic Uniforms Should Have Been Approved by Fashion Icon(tm) First Lady?

It’s a non-issue, despite Harry Reid’s faux angst. I was just assuming they put Fashion Icon Michelle Obama in charge of the design? Afterall, we’re paying for her trip to represent the USA.


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18 responses to “Olympic Uniforms Should Have Been Approved by Fashion Icon(tm) First Lady?

  1. srdem65

    OMG! LOL! I can see the uniforms now; crayon inspired colors, the women in too tight, too small shiny tops and skin tight skirts all held together with leather boob-belts. The men in droopy pants and t-shirts.

    If I recall correctly, back when the Wons thought they could get the Olympics for Chicago, MrsO claimed that they were all going to wear the same outfit.
    The only thing I remember was her shiny, poofy gold satin birthday-girl dress that made her look like a giant 8yr old.

  2. Are we going to be blessed to see MO in this uniform?

  3. If MO designed anything it would look like a Muppet show…what are we the French underground? LOL 😀

  4. Hal 3

    Why are the Olympians wearing the Ralph Lauren Polo signature logo on the front of the blazer that is as big as the pocket itself ?
    Will all the Olympians be playing Polo ?

    Unless I miss my guess, Water Polo is the only “Polo” sport in the Olympic games.

    Polo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    “Polo (Persian: chowgan) is a team sport played on horseback in which the objective is to score goals against an opposing team. Sometimes called “The Sport of Kings”, it was started by Persians, and was popular in Iran until 1979, after which its popularity there declined sharply due to the Iranian Revolution. Polo is played professionally in 16 countries. It was formerly, but is not currently, an Olympic Sport.
    Later on, Polo was passed from Persia to other parts of Asia including the Indian Subcontinent and China, where it was very popular during the Tang Dynasty and frequently depicted in paintings and statues.”

    I am not a “Fashionista” by any means, and I am sure there are a lot of Americans that play the sport of Polo, but….Who approves this fashion stuff ?
    Do they ever have a meeting where they entertain objections ?
    I think the committee should have considered another company to create and construct the American Olympic “Haute Couture”.
    Please be sure your seat back and tray tables are in their full upright position before we take off for London.

    • I thought the same thing…. Marco! Polo! Not the first time I’ve heard the Ralph Lauren logo makes all our fine Olympians look like the Polo Team!

      Welcome to Obama World.

  5. The Original

    I do like the outfits, but I am not in love berets. They don’t look good on everyone. I can’t wear them.

  6. Anonna

    If Michelle Antoinette had anything to do with the Olylmpic uniforms we can assume bad taste would be the theme and they certainly wouldn’t be red, white, and blue. Meesh would avoid showing any patriotism.