“The Campaign” ~ Not Quite a Movie Review

How do you describe a movie that’s not quite “action”, not quite “political”, not quite “comedy” and/or not quite “campaigny”? But, you get every inside political joke ? A great end of summer/pre-election experience for those of us who’ve been left, right and both of politics. The “Hotch” brothers looked exactly like those old brothers in Trading Places, I got that Dan Akroyd played one of them. For the deep thinkers, it’s The Waterboy vs. Ricky Bobby, with a touch of the evil villan mash-up of Soros and the Koch brothers. It’s as though the writer/director studied Free Republic and Democratic Underground, then made pie. I LOVED IT 😀 5 Stars for Political Junkies 😀


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2 responses to ““The Campaign” ~ Not Quite a Movie Review

  1. Awesome! Based on your Not-review. I’m going to see the matinee tomorrow!

    • You know I’m not a professional /snork. With that in mind, you should enjoy it. Also, every cast and crew involved have supported Obama, keep that in mind too, and you’ll enjoy the snark even more.