Ode to Empty Chairs

More Empty Chairs at The Looking Spoon

….and Classic Empty Chairs 🙂

I get it !


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10 responses to “Ode to Empty Chairs

  1. LMAO! the clown wig! That was AWESOME!

  2. and a blank teleprompter… LOL 😀

  3. I don’t know which is better…clown wig or MOTUS and the Mickey Mouse ears! I’ll give both my vote!!

  4. A.Men

    I want to see an empty suit in the empty chair.

  5. srdem65

    My vote is for the clown wig.
    Sending that photo out was incredibly stupid for Obama and showcased the Prez’s thin-skinned mean side.
    IMO, if he had the chance, Clint would have said the same things to MrO in person.

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    The post includes a video that is weirdly appropriate. Nevertheless, the music is beautifully done.

  7. foxyladi14

    See it took a Cllnton to bring him down now Bill and Hill can finish him off. 😆