Obama finally runs out of people to blame

“….it’s, it’s, it’s Michelle, Malia and Sasha’s fault … “

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday show, Jessica Yellin said she interviewed Obama for a forthcoming documentary and asked him why he did not do more outreach to Republicans in the beginning of his term to bridge the divides Obama often rails against.
Yellin said Obama told her one of the reasons he did not was because he wanted to spend more time at home with his kids and family.
“He was trying to spend some time at home with his family in the evenings and on the weekends,” Yellin said.
Yellin noted Obama suggested things may be different in the second term when his kids are older.
“If this was such a priority, why didn’t he do it?,” Yellin asked. “You can carve out one night a week to go out and socialize and reach across the aisle.”

It’s. Never. His. Fault.


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3 responses to “Obama finally runs out of people to blame

  1. Anonymous

    No. Really. It isn’t ever his fault. Not even when he was in Chicago and wanted to fire all his older AA volunteers. He told the it was the Rulz that he couldn’t have volunteers. He replaced them with white, college graduates. Sadly, the people I knew who were replaced never doubted him for a moment.

  2. Bob

    Oh, yeah, blame it on the wimmen. Good move, Barry.