Fair Tax, Fair Tax, Fair Tax

I don’t know why our federal government doesn’t seriously consider FairTax.org’s simple solution about paying our fair share ?

http://www.fairtax.org America faces one of the greatest perils to her future: our broken economic engine. A simple tune-up won’t fix the problem. The FairTax would fuel economic growth, investment, and job creation throughout the nation. Learn why the FairTax will fuel our economic engine and create jobs.

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4 responses to “Fair Tax, Fair Tax, Fair Tax

  1. srdem65

    I, along with millions of Seniors, don’t earn enough money to owe Federal or State income tax, but we pay the taxes that are passed along by every business, or hidden in our water bills or phone bills…whatever. Well, it’s not “whatever” it’s EVERYTHING that’s taxed. When I was a taxpayer, I knew that rich people could find legal ways to avoid paying what they would never miss, while I was paying money that I could have used to better my family’s life. I’m not at all saying the ‘rich should pay more’, but that we should all pay the same percentage.
    Of course, I could change my mind tomorrow if I win the lottery..tee hee.

    • My family’s on fixed income too …. military retirement, my SS and my disabled son’s SSI. So far our family’s HC “premiums” have risen thanks to Obamacare, our house still has equity, but has lost over 100k of value since Obama. We just know it will get more challenging if Obama gets another term.

      • Truesilk

        I can realte to your sitiuation 100%. Fixed incomes are getting screwed bigtime. Where I live our homes are loosing equity and value, this is a no win situation. Something needs to be done to remedy this ASAP, I’m sick and weary.

    • Truesilk

      Amen srdem, Amen!! Under the Obbie Admin, no fairness in taxes.