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I don’t agree with everything he says here but I thought this part was awesome:

It is true that President Obama had a lot of problems not of his own making. But he also came in with one-party rule, and the chance to do everything of his own choosing. The Obama economic agenda failed, not because it was stopped, but because it was passed.

And here is what we got: Prolonged joblessness across the country. Twenty-three million Americans struggling to find work. Family income in decline. Fifteen percent of Americans living in poverty.

The record is so uniformly bad that maybe you’ve noticed something: President Obama himself almost never even uses the word “record,” – that is, except when he’s trying to trade on the record of Bill Clinton. In his convention speech, the President never once said that simple word, “record.”

He didn’t say the word “stimulus,” either, because…

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  1. Anonna

    Why has everyone forgotten that BO had 2 years in which to do whatever he liked? I can’t figure out if this was a part of his Great Plan or if he was so stupid that he thought he’d be in total control forever.