Wife Beater (republican’s) Obama’s Second Term ?

You decide, I already have 😉


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2 responses to “Wife Beater (republican’s) Obama’s Second Term ?

  1. Truesilk

    A second term in office, I don’t think so. America is already sinking fast, what’s he going to do to fix this mess? I really don’t think we as a nation can afford another 4 year term of, Barack Obama. Whats has this country gained while he sits in office?

    I can’t see how spending money to save money works. One thing that I have noticed is this, if a person speaks out agoinst this man, Obama, racism is sited.
    The problem with Obama is not his ethnicty, its the way he handles this countries affairs, very porrly.

    How can we work whille the illegals are flooding the job market? I feel working and paying taxes in the USA, does not give a person(s) the right to reside here, if not documented on paper.

    We cannot afford Obama there is too much at stake/risk, other than money. We are losing the basic concept of what this country really stands for under his leadership.

  2. He gives tank tops a bad name.