Why Does Obama Hate Camp David ?

What a beautiful taxpayer provided campus for our Presidents to catch their breaths and relax or use for a Debate Prep Boot Camp. Why is Obama using Williamsburg, Virginia this weekend?


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7 responses to “Why Does Obama Hate Camp David ?

  1. I don’t see a golf course on that map.

    But in other observations, it does appear the firing direction at the Skeet Range is towards the Helipad.

    • There’s a mini-course/putting thingy? Darn, probably not the Kingsmill/PGA in Williamsburg? Oh wait, it’s supposed to be about debate prep, not golfing. Geesh 😉

    • angienc

      I’ve actually read that’s the reason — no golf course.

      • and Bush was supposed to be the one obsessed with golfing. I’m still waiting for Michael Moore to do that movie.

        • angienc

          I’ve read there are some more nefarious reasons for Obama taking such a liking to golf since becoming POTUS (he never played it before). It involves the locker room & Hillbuzz gossip, so take it with a grain of salt.

  2. Glennmcgahee

    FYI: He can fire up the Marlboros out there…..