Winter Storm Nemo Advisory


Stay safe and warm Northeast friends. I live on top of that Big Red “L”, our boat is bobbing around like a cork in a washing machine, thank goodness we don’t need it 😀


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4 responses to “Winter Storm Nemo Advisory

  1. I’m not making light of a dangerous winter storm situation, Accuweather is 😉

    Living through numerous summer and winter storms, the biggest pain in the butt is loss of power. Biggest lesson learned, a 4-wheel drive vehicle does not allow you to drive faster, if at all, it just helps you get out the ditch you skidded into.

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  2. – How ironic. Just this week I was thikning ..when sharon takes our family pics I want to hang 7 to 8 4x6s in a group on our bedroom wall. Each one in its own 11 14 frame. Please tell me you have other reasons for coming to Utah county