Yay, Shorter Lines at Florida’s Disney World !

2012 BET Awards - Show

Via HuffPoop

Jay Z, Kanye, Madonna Join Stevie Wonder’s Florida Boycott In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict (REPORT, UPDATES)

Yeah, that’s the ticket 🙂 Geeesh.


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5 responses to “Yay, Shorter Lines at Florida’s Disney World !

  1. lyn

    LOL. My ears bleed from the travesty of justice!

    • Would love for” these people” to use their celebrity for the good of our country. Yes, I said “these people” and I meant Obama’s 1%ers posse 😀

  2. Do celebrities really want this kind of publicity ? I’d feel better if they all took their posse’s to the inner cities (cough, Chicago, cough) and “rap” on the thick skulls of the gangsta brainiacs terrorizing on their communities daily.

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