Hey TrayMom…From Another Mom

Stop it, stop it right now.


So sorry for your loss, though you dumped your kid when he was 3. Really? What Mom doesn’t fantasize about that? You know what, I dumped my kid when he was 14 at a military academy. He was a little sh*thead too, too smart for middle school, so he flunked the 8th grade. Well darn. Second mortgaged our home, and sent his sorry smart ass to military boarding school. Guess what? He’s alive today. AND a productive citizen, AND he gave me grandchildren. Go. Away. Bitch.


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8 responses to “Hey TrayMom…From Another Mom

  1. lyn

    One day Trayvon Martin’s birth parents will have no one to blame but themselves.

  2. Disagree, The rest of their lives they will blame everyone and everything BUT themselves, while they squander the $1 million they extorted from the homeowners association. Its imprinted in their DNA by the Lyndon Johnson “Great Society”

  3. Robin H

    Congratulations on doing what was needed. Too many parents these days aren’t willing to, and not just the minority parents. I know a few lily white middle class kids that would benefit greatly from a dose of tough love.

    And TrayMom should just go away.