Happy Feet !

Because this video is so cool and a great antidote for miserable unHappy Feet in the media and politics 🙂 And I’m a behind the scenes Broadway nut too!


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    OPEN THREAD! Had problems with the video, so if it works here, happy Friday Night !

  2. leslie

    Thanks Denise. What a great video. I watched it late,late, late last night (friday) and woke up smiling this morning. I saw this show earlier this year in Chicago with the touring cast. It was wonderful! I took my daughter as a welcome back home, honey, celebration. She’d been away for 17+ years and moved back after realizing family is (nearly) everything. And after missing the first 2 years of her brother’s daughter’s life. She didn’t want to miss any more.
    (I came here after realizing I was about 2 posts too late at TCH and wanted you to know just how much I enjoyed it.)