The World (sorta) According to Miley

I think Miley Cyrus is a lot smarter (maybe playing dumb like a fox?) than we’ll admit to, or as one tabloid asked: Is Miley really a younger, cuter Andy Kaufman? You decide:


I do remember enjoying “Hannah Montana” with my then 5-something twin granddaughters during this truly adorable Miley phase, which certainly set her apart from the rest of the Princes and Princesses in the Disney Stable:

While looking for that clip I couldn’t believe all the old Hannah Montana shows on YouTube, go look ! Smart as a whip that girl was, yessireee. We’ll see. The real test will be if she avoids the meltdowns (twerking doesn’t count) that affected the Lindsays, Britneys and Amandas. I’m rooting for Miley, it’s up to you Billy Ray and Tish.

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