Dancing Vaginas Against Cuccinelli in Virginia Wants The State to go Detroit

Or something like this….


Planned Parenthood has an Action Fund and PAC in Virginia? Does the IRS know about this? Don’t they get govt funds and still whine about the new Va laws to bring their clinics up to the health standards of, say, a PETA euthanasia clinic? Or something like that?

Why aren’t they spending these Action and PAC funds for that ?

I just got a 4 page glossy flyer calling Ken Cuccinelli a hater of women with all kinds of hatespeech and stupid stuff that he never said, but they THINK he’ll do.

Judging by the mailing address, they must have bought DMV’s mailing list, so stupid voters will get, and believe this too? What a buncha crapola. Judging by the return address, it’s from DC, yeah, they care about Virginia.

Cuccinelli is a declared enemy of Obamacare, first AG in the nation to file a lawsuit to stop it in our state. A work still in progress.

Women Can’t Trust Cuccinelli is the theme, but they don’t mention, McAuliffe will turn Virginia into Detroit. Hillary’s campaigning for him now. The fix is in, Obama’s sending his Benghazi team in.


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5 responses to “Dancing Vaginas Against Cuccinelli in Virginia Wants The State to go Detroit

  1. Cuccinelli was in much worse shape after he came out against Cruz, the congressional strategy against Obamacare, and by extension the Tea Party itself. Probably why the Libertarian candidate has such a strong showing now. Also doesn’t help that Cuccinelli is so conservative on social issues. This year and next year, just focusing on the fiscal (tea party / libertarian) issues will get you a win. Unfortunately the entire media is holding up the VA gov. race as a test of whether the tea party is dead or not.

  2. A.Men

    cucinnelli allow Romney to have the primary ballot with Ron Paul. He stood back when Perry, and others were not allowed on the ballot. So less than 5% voted in that primary.

    cinellis allowed illegals to be bused into voting polls to vote for obomba. They spoke no English and did not match their fake I.D.s . (60 years old voter did not match I.D. birth date of 20 years old).

    Cucinelli took bribes with the governor.

    BUT he is still better than McAwful, the criminal from obomba land.