2014 ~ HappyHappyHappy~ Ya’ll

Since I hold on to old friends and embrace new friends, I’ve found this movie scene a tribute to my quirky New Year’s dilemna. Annoying, but enjoyable, goosebumps. I share….


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4 responses to “2014 ~ HappyHappyHappy~ Ya’ll

  1. Yes, I’m a SJP fan 🙂 I even hope for a SATC #3.

  2. cj

    Hey Denise, Happy NY. (it’s cj (from DU & the crawdad hole). Please forgive me, but I don’t know who else to ask. I got a strange direct message on twitter from Anita Finlay (who I only know from reading on J. Smart) telling me that someone’s spreading “very bad rumors” about me !

    I don’t know how long the message has been sitting there since I just noticed it this morning & now she’s not following me so I can’t direct message back to her. (she sent me a link, but twitter won’t let me use it)

    Anyway, if you hear anything could you let me know? This is so damned irritating because I don’t post anywhere anymore. Not even on twitter…I just retweet!

    Thanks Denise, and sorry for intrusion.


    • Hey cj ! I think Anita’s twitter account’s been hacked. Same thing has happened to me and others. It’s spam, best not click on any links. If it continues, just block her account, if she hasn’t already taken it down.

      • cj

        Oh god, thanks Denise, it was really starting to bother me. 🙂

        (I’ve been battling some health problems, but things seem to be improving so maybe I’ll drop in at Myiq’s place a little bit this year. I still lurk all the time anyway, lol)

        Thanks again Denise, I really appreciate it.