It Was a Good Run Dave and About Time You Retired

David Letterman announced his retirement today and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like the battered wife who stayed in the marriage too long, like his real wife. But I digress…

Been a long time fan since his morning show in the early 80’s, which was way ahead of it’s time, I was still a rabid liberal then, with a newborn! I grew up, Dave didn’t. Best of luck on your future, with love to you, Harry and Regina.


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2 responses to “It Was a Good Run Dave and About Time You Retired

  1. Back in Oct 2009, I nominated Joel McHale to replace him, you read it here first…

    • I think it was before that he bored me to bits and I tuned him out. Watched Craig Ferguson, instead, until he became so formulated I could predict the lines ahead of time and just switched him off, too.
      Shame Ferguson got mixed up with L instead of Johnnie. Could of still be going strong