While You Were Sleeping This Weekend….

A range war was brewing in Nevada, Ted Cruz was fighting terrorists, a child fighting for his life is requesting donations to help pay for medical expenses, the DC Cherry Blossom Festival is going on without a President or First Lady …. but there is

More important priorities

Then there is golf too. Sigh.


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5 responses to “While You Were Sleeping This Weekend….

  1. I miss the old days when the King and Queen were doing perennial fundraisers. Sigh! Wonder how soon the stress and hubbub of reigning over Amelot will subside enough for the chicago royals to resume begging for crap?

    • Bingo! Funny you should mention Amelot. I’m going to the Kennedy Center in 3 weeks to see Camelot, and just pi**ed the Presidential box will be empty for this fundraiser (no, I’m not rich, just haz a pal that gets the unsold peon seats every year for a $100 Alex. 😉

  2. AFVet

    All that they need now are the crowns,….yes ?