…a non-related death makes you sad too.

Mrs. Wolowitz died today

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  1. Dorett Adam

    Oh what damage these PUMAS have wrought. Their having spent six years wallowing in bitter vindictiveness against President Obama ( can you say Sarah Palin?) has killed it for their Baby Hillary. There were millions of us who were just as devasted as they were when she lost the nomination, but we supported our party and waited for the day Hillary would rise again. Now that it is becoming a possibility, they have spent the last six years pissing us off to the point where I have to think this snub of her is only the beginning. Way to go PUMES. Thanks for opening our eyes to the fact that there are several more worthier candidates out here. The 2016 presidency is no longer hers to take. Go weep in your beers.
    Breaking from

    Hillary Snubbed by Liberal Donors

    Hillary Clinton was not invited to a gathering of elite liberal political donors in Washington this week that will feature Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    The annual winter meeting of Democracy Alliance began on Wednesday and will meet in closed-door sessions over four days at the exclusive Mandarin Hotel. Clinton, who is widely seen as the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, was not invited to the conference — a move that has caused some consternation among her supporters, Politico reports.