A Ferguson Appetizer via a Chris Rock PSA

(Before I hit publish, there is no decision on Officer Wilson in Ferguson. If this post can save one stupid youth’s life in the future, I’ve done my job 😉 )

My favorite hometown(Brooklyn) Facebook page *Likey* is http://gothamist.com/, definitely liberal leaning but always provocatively uncensored. Like this current outrage Cop Beats Subway Fare Jumper article with appropriate graphic warnings before viewing the video. Yes, the video fare jumper’s friend took. Some friend. My favorite part are the comments. Always entertaining, but I don’t always comment unless I can bring something useful to the, uhm, conversation. Like today…..so far, I have 2 likes and no death threats. #Winning 😀


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2 responses to “A Ferguson Appetizer via a Chris Rock PSA

  1. Again, my amazing daughter was an inspiration for this post. Years ago, she got caught in a fare jumping act of stupidity in the NYC subway system, but she didn’t get her ass kicked because she cooperated with the officer. See kids, it’s easy !