I’m a Trumpette, there, I said it…..

Is he a Democrat?  Is he a Republican?  I really don’t care.  Trump’s not asking me for money, is he?  So early in the primary season, and I’m enjoying the ride  !


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  1. Until The Donald drops out of the race, will try and provide a safe haven for his supporters. You know who you are, the new radicals, the crazy ones…enjoy the ride 🙂

  2. helenk3

    In this country you are free to back the candidate of YOUR CHOICE. What others think is not important, Every one has their own reasons for their choices.

    • I’m like Herman Cain, I can support any one of these candidates ….


      I like Trump just because of the size of his ‘nads and heart. If he steps aside, Carly or Ben ? None of them are perfect, but better than the Dem field.

      • I’m afraid I have to disagree. Only Trump will protect our border. Carson has already begun speaking about the ‘path to citizenship’ and Carly is funded by the open borders crowd. I can only vote for Trump. If he doesn’t get the nomination, I don’t know what I will do. Probably go third party.

        • I hear ya, though a Third Party vote could be a win for Obama’s third term. We desperately need a regime change, so am keeping my powder dry for now on a Trump alternative. I’m not as swoony over anyone else right now, but it will probably be the person the GOPe attacks next 😀

  3. Thanks Denise. I’m a Trumpette and I find it good to have a special place for us special people. 🙂

    Their attacks on The Donald haven’t worked, so now they have to attack his supporters.

    USA Today: “Trump Supporters Uneducated”
    Media Calls Out Trump Supporters As Stupid

    • They wrote the same thing after the Tea Party exploded…..those teabaggers are racist, commie knuckleheads!! (see my video above 🙂 ). Then the TP helped take back the House and Senate. And nothing happened to stop Obama’s assault on American values …. and pocketbooks. That’s the frustration propping up The Donald, he’s mad, just like us !

  4. I’m a consistent Presidential jinx, so now I’m all in for Jeb!

  5. The responses are funny on this tweet too 🙂

  6. Dora, he wants you to know….. 🙂

    • I watched that live on Saturday and I loved it. Afterward, he went outside and stood in the rain speaking to the crowd of people who weren’t able to get in. It was great! Go Donald! 🙂

  7. Trying to figure out what life in Washington DC will be like when the Trumps move there. 🙂

    Donald Trump’s Washington


    • Actually, that was a pretty positive article. I have read he isn’t planning on turning the WH into a Trump museum piece, he does respect her history.

      If you look up the history of Mar-a-Lago, it was originally built by a gazillionaire for the President to use as a winter WH. (and so much closer to DC than Hawaii).

      Another piece of trivia I learned in Nancy Reagan’s bio, when they took over the WH after the Carters, it was in horrible condition and falling apart inside and out (it wasn’t the Carters fault, just aging). The new First Family is given a 50k decorating budget and warehouses full of furniture and paintings to chose for their personal tastes. The Reagans saw it would take much more, so they privately raised $200 million to completely renovate the deteriorating infrastructure (wiring,plumbing, rotting wood,

  8. Trump gets written up in Sports Illustrated with a pretty popular position in Redskins country 🙂


  9. I can’t say for sure, but I think Bernie Sanders is the only other person speaking out against this deal. I know when she was asked yesterday, Hillary hadn’t made up her mind yet. It’s a disaster!



    • I hope they realize how important the primaries are. They might have to change their registration to vote for Donald Trump..

  10. I loved hearing this! 🙂

    Donald Trump: ‘I’m not getting out ­ I’m going to win’

  11. Pass the torch! Reagan to Trump