WaPo: Trump Is Very, Very Rich (d’oh)

Actually, it a very positive article, just surprised to find it in the Washington Post, home of the Obama Slobber Bucket Brigade.


Here’s more information on his Mar-A-Lago Palm Beach estate which has such an interesting history worthy of it’s own WaPo article 😉


And, if you haven’t met Trump’s “Superfan”, NYDN has the video …and the skepticism, of course ….


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6 responses to “WaPo: Trump Is Very, Very Rich (d’oh)

  1. Very smart of him to turn the rich 1% thing around immediately and overly brag about it. Cuts all the arguments that were used against Romney off at their knees.

  2. His first presidential trip? 🙂

    ‘Extraordinary person’ Donald Trump invited to visit Crimea – as US president

  3. A great article about a great lifestyle. All I can say is God Bless Donald Trump for offering to put his life on hold for a while to Make America Great Again. I bet he can do it too, if given the chance.

  4. NewOrleans

    Wow. That’s the 2nd non-hate-filled article about Trump in the Post in the last week! Are they trying to psych us out or has the tide turned?

  5. Wonderful news for the Trumpettes! 🙂

    BOOM ! Trump Dominates Amid Republican Primary Voters – CBS Poll: Trump Is “The Most Electable” Candidate…

    CBS has another National Poll reflecting Donald Trump with a substantive lead over the entire field of GOP candidates. … By a stunning margin the Republican Primary Voter views Donald Trump as the best candidate to win in 2016.