Keep Calm and Just Like the Good Polls :)

This one from today is Trumpalicious…. h/t Venus at TCH.

And in today’s fauxrage against Trump….

Yes, he borrowed a million dollars from his dad, and turned it into over a billion dollars. Nobody’s worried about the Clintons taking money from nations who abuse women and Mrs. Clinton is campaigning on helping women? Well smacking my head on this media kerfluffle.

Dr. Carson is a 7th Day Adventist, The Donald didn’t know anything about that religion, translated in the media, Trump Attacks Carson’s religion.

Today’s Trump Event:


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4 responses to “Keep Calm and Just Like the Good Polls :)

  1. Just continuing with my Trump friendly blogho where people who support Trump can drop by without getting smacked upside the head by the GOPe crazies or annoy our friends at TCH who support other candidates……and Hillary. Enjoy yourselves. Post links !

  2. Watching the Mets on Twitter is so much fun 😀